Multi-Functional Optical Imaging Lab (MFOIL)
Southern University of Science and Technology

A new paper of opto-acousto-fluidics has been accepted by Optics Express

2018-12-10 17:18

In this work, we develop a new opto-acouto-fludic microsopic system, which employs a high-speed one-dimensional galvanometer scanner and an ultrafast pulse laser (600 kHz). The new system has achieved a high two-dimensional frame rate of up to 2500 Hz with a lateral resolution of 1.7 μm and an axial resolution of 36 μm at the imaging plane. To demonstrate the improved performance of the new system compared to our previous one, we carried out experiments to image the flowing droplets generated with T-junction and flow focusing configurations. We also successfully imaged dynamic migration of magneto particles subjected to non-uniform magnetic field in the microchannel. The results suggest that our new system has sufficient spatiotemporal resolutions to carry out studies for high throughput microfluidic applications.