Multi-Functional Optical Imaging Lab (MFOIL)
Southern University of Science and Technology

We have published a new microfluidic imaging modality in Lab on a Chip

2018-03-23 20:42

We collaborated with Prof. Chaolong Song from China University of Geosciences to develop a new Opto-acousto-fluidic microscopy for three-dimensional label-free detection of droplets and cells in microchannels.

This paper reports an novel method, opto-acousto-fluidic microscopy, for label free detection of droplets and cells in microfluidic networks. Leveraging the optoacoustic effect, the microscopic system possesses capabilities of visualizing flowing droplets, analyzing droplet contents, and detecting cell opulations encapsulated in droplets via the sensing of acoustic waves induced by intrinsic light-absorbance of matters.

Chaolong Song and Tian Jin contributed equally to this work and Prof. Lei Xi is the corresponding author.