Multi Functional Optical Imaging Laboratory

Southern University of Science and Technology


Oral diseases, especially oral cancers, are becoming serious health problems in humans. To imagevasculatures and structures simultaneously in the human oral cavity which are tightly associatedwith various oral diseases, we develop a dual-modality portable optical resolution photoacousticmicroscopy (ORPAM) and optical coherence tomography (OCT) system. This system utilizes anew rotary scanning mechanism and a compact design of the imaging head, making it portable andfree of translation of the imaging interface or samples. Through the phantom experiments, bothmodalities yield high lateral resolutions of 8.1 lm (ORPAM) and 8.56 lm (OCT), respectively.The axial resolutions are measured to be 116.5 lm for ORPAM and 6.1 lm for OCT. In vivo imagingof a mouse ear was carried out to evaluate the performance of the system in biological tissues.In addition, in vivo oral imaging of a healthy human lip and monitoring recovery progress of a lipulcer demonstrate the clinical potential of this system.[pdf]

Wei Qin, Weizhi Qi, Tian Jin, Heng Guo and Lei Xi*, Applied Physics Letters, 111, 263704, 2017,